.45 Caliber Dark Roast (Free Shipping on Orders $30.00 or more!)

.45 Caliber Dark Roast (Free Shipping on Orders $30.00 or more!)

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100% Arabica coffee Beans, slow roasted to perfection, at the perfect temperature. The result is a smooth, rich tasting coffee with no bitter after taste. Single sourced and sustainable, straight from Guatemala. Plus it tastes really good, no bitter after taste, and it doesn't give me heartburn!!

 Never run out of coffee again by signing up for our monthly subscription! No more searching the isles at your grocery store, wondering which coffee to buy.

We've taken the guesswork out of the equation for you, and found a formula to calculate your coffee needs. Plus you are buying a great tasting coffee, tested on actual people, that are VERY picky about their coffee. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. You manage how much coffee you want delivered.


If you drink 1-3 cups per day, a 12oz. bag of coffee will last you 7-17 days, depending on how strong you brew it. We recommend using a french press to allow full control of your coffee potency.



Free Shipping on 2 or more bags and/or with a subscription.


Fair Trade


Sustainably Sourced